Sxtn, Jhn

Ready to start planning again…

The dust still hasn’t settled from the last trip, and I already want to start planning my next one. The only thing stopping me is the fair amount of uncertainty about the coming months (and the fact that if I plan a trip over Christmas instead of going home, my parents will kill me).

I am also driven by my colleague, who just returned from a 2-week surf trip to Portugal and has already booked her next trip, which will be three weeks in Colombia in October. She certainly has her priorities in line, and I dig her style! Another colleague is now in the middle of a 3-week stint in Malaysia (on a flight deal that I found him nonetheless)! I guess that is summer holidays for you, I am happy to be on a team with such driven travelers!

I also have my annual ski trip booked for March, which I am glad about, though 6 months will be a horrendous wait. It is the normal crew plus some friends of mine from back home who will be meeting the Pack for the first time. Two worlds collide, but I am confident it will be great!

Where should I go in the meantime?

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