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We needed to get out, so out we went to the Big…Orange?

On the last night in Montreál it became apparent that we were in for an awkward night.  It was Labour Day weekend, and our AirBnB host’s boyfriend had been staying over.  At the beginning of our stay, we had been told we were welcome to use the kitchen, so after too many days of eating out, we decided to eat the soup that we had gotten at a local market.  We did just that, but all there was an odd vibe oozing through the entire apartment.  

Our host then came out of her room, where it seems like she had spent the entire weekend and asked us if we didn’t mind eating on our own balcony instead of the one in kitchen (#firstworldproblems), which we were happy to oblige.  You see, as it turns out, the boyfriend was leaving that night and they were in the process of breaking up after several years together! 

This was, of course, not an ideal situation for anyone, them (breaking up) or us (hanging around while they were breaking up), so we decided that we should make ourselves scarce.  We took the opportunity to go to a place that we had heard about, but would require a bit of driving to get to: Gibeau Orange Julep, a bit of a quirky, greasy-spoon icon.

The restaurant is a throw-back to the 50’s, a roadside attraction serving poutine, burgers, hot dogs, fries and the Orange Julep.  Oh yeah, and it is shaped like a three-story high orange.  Forgot to mention that, it is so subtle…

Anyway, back to the gastronomical reason behind our trek to the broad boulevards outside of the city centre, the Orange Julep. An Orange Julep is a sweet, creamy orange juice drink all blended up and a bit foamy.  It might sound a bit strange, but it was amazing.  Sweet, a tiny bit tangy and perfectly refreshing. It was so delicious in fact, that immediately after finishing my first (responsibly small sized) one, I went back for a frappe version (with ice cream, even sweeter and creamier, and honestly probably a bit overkill, but that’s how I live my life, no regrets).

They were so good, and the cups were so iconic and throwback-y, I couldn’t resist taking a glamour shot:

I get the feeling you don’t find as many places like Gibeau as you used to, weird places on the side of the road that you just have to pull over and check out, with simple food and the odd proprietary dish or invention.  I am glad this place is still around and hopping (they host car meet-ups, and on the night we were there there were a bunch of people with street-racing type cars hanging out, chatting and eating hot-dogs, along with the usual clientele at places like this, truckers, families, bored teenagers, etc.).  Apparently some locations in MTL have closed, but this one it still on the side of the road, drawing people in.  As well it should, because in my book, it is definitely worth the stop (awkward AirBnB situation or not).  


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