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Throwback: Sally Gap outside of Dublin, Ireland

I have been interested in Ireland ever since I learned that there were others there with red hair and freckles.  I remember my grandparents a were always in the process of planning a big trip there and I used to love looking through the different tour books and plans that they had.

Luckily, they got there chance to go one day, and last year, I went as well.  I was meeting up with some of my best friends from University and had a blast getting shown around Dublin.  On the second morning, after a fried-breakfast, we decided to go out into the country.  It ended up being the absolute highlight of my trip.  We drove through the Sally Gap in the Wicklow mountains, and it was unbelievable, so raw and wild, only 40km from Dublin!  The weather was such absolute shite (#classicIreland) and we were somewhat lost most of the time, so we just drove, in awe at the beauty.

I know I will be back to Ireland again, not only because some great friends live there, but because there is something calling me back.  And that something just might live in the Wicklow Mountains…

Sally Gap, Co. Wicklow


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