Sxtn, Jhn

Suburban Woods in New England

I am back in Suburbia for the time being, visiting family and friends.  I haven’t been back during this time for a couple of years, so I am getting a chance to see a lot of people that I haven’t seen in a while, which is great but also far more stressful than I would have anticipated going in.

Anyway, the weather has been crap since I have been back, but today I was feeling antsy sitting around not doing much, so I grabbed my camera and went to a small town forrest that I used to go to to go fishing and walking in as a kid.  It has been cleaned up a bit since I used to go there, and there are now official, marked trails to walk and cycle in.  It feels like forever since I have been in woods like that (even though they are in the middle of Suburbia), and it was great to try and find things to shoot.  It was certainly a departure from the travel photos I usually shoot, but I enjoyed it!

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