Sxtn, Jhn

And I’m back! And hitting the road again!

What an amazing trip!

Old friends met new friends (and they all got along!), no one got seriously injured (though some had some lingering issues that needed to be checked out at home) and we all had a blast at Après-ski!

This trip was the perfect combination of hanging out with great friends, hitting the slopes for some intense skiing and relaxing.  I can hardly wait until next year!

This time around, I am loading them up back-to-back, because I am off to London for the weekend! I was only in London before for a few hours for some sight-seeing on a layover between flights, so I am excited to spend a few days there this time.  I will try to come back with some recs and tips for keeping the costs down (mainly unsuccessful so far, but we are hitting an AirBnB again which should be quite nice).

Stay safe and keep experiencing!


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