Sxtn, Jhn

Go, go, go!

Wow, has it been a busy few weeks!

I had a really great time in Austria, my friends who met each other for the first time got along splendidly, and there was none of the tension that I was afraid of going in.  I compared it as it was happening to making mousse, or a soufflé, or some other dish that requires careful mixing and strategically adding ingredients.  My friends got acclimated to Europe and then to my other friends bit by bit, so in the end, everything balanced and we got the foamy peaks and fluffy dish we had al hoped for!

On a more practical note, we went to Mayrhofen in the Zillertal, and I will try to do a review of sorts soon.  Remind me if it is taking too long, though!

I had barely returned to work after the ski trip when I was taking another day off, this time to head to London. That was another whirl-wind trip and I think I really got to experience some different sides to such an amazing city.  I was there for such a short time that I didn’t get to meet up with anyone I know in London, so I am so sorry!

Now I have a few weeks at home to relax a bit, though I don’t think I will have too much time to actually relax, in part because I am Assistant Directing an amateur theatre production of The 39 Steps.  It is a play based off of an Alfred Hitchcock film based off of a book by John Buchan.  It is hilarious and crazy and there are a ton of things to do, so that is taking up a lot of my spare time.  This is my first go at ADing, I acted for the first time since second grade last Summer as Fabian in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night as a member of this same amateur theatre group.  I have also been involved with this groups Improv group for the past 4 years, and as my involvement increases, so does the enjoyment!

Anyway, the next major trip planned will be to Brittany in western France (historical Brittany, not the contemporary Département), which will be followed by a trip to the Florida Keys for a friend’s wedding in May.  I am glad to have so many trips planned, but I will definitely need to keep a sharp eye on my budget if I want to keep traveling at such a pace!!!

SO, upcoming on the site: Mayrhofen review/photos and London write-up, plus who knows!

Travel safe!

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